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Institutional Information: Faculty Of Architecture And Design, Department Of Architecture

Names in Publications: İmamoğlu B., İmamoğlu Bilge





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Bilge İmamoğlu graduated from the Middle East Technical University, Department of Architecture in 2000 with the degree B. Arch. He completed his thesis on the workers’ houses designed in the early Republican period for the Zonguldak coal field in 2003 and got his M.A. degree from the History of Architecture program in METU. He assisted architectural design studios and courses on modern architecture in Turkey while he was employed as a research assistant in METU from his graduation to the year 2007. In this year he went to the Netherlands, to carry on his research on the professionalization of architecture in Turkey that he began in the doctoral program at the Department of Architecture, METU, at the Institute of Art, Architecture and Urbanism in Delft of Technology. He was employed by TU Delft as a PhD Researcher until he defended his thesis and got his PhD degree in 2010.

Bilge İmamoğlu studies and researches into various fields in the general frame of modernism and theories and applications of modern urbanism and architecture, such as; 20th century architecture in Turkey, professionalization of architecture in Turkey, documentation and conservation of modern architectural heritage.