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Institutional Information: Faculty Of Arts And Sciences, Basic Sciences
Research Areas: Social Sciences and Humanities

Names in Publications: Asena-Salman, Burcu, Asena-Salman B., Asena, Burcu, Asena, B.



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Burcu Asena-Salman is currently a full-time member of TED University, Basic Sciences Unit where she is teaching art classes specifically tailored for TED University Liberal Arts Program, January 2015 onwards.

After her graduation from Bilkent University, Archaeology and History of Art, she had her master's degree in Bilkent University, Graphic Design and she wrote her thesis on The Rhetoric of Achaemenid Art where she analyzed Persepolis reliefs with modern political propaganda and advertisement techniques also compared with Benetton ads.

Asena-Salman went through the industry as a communications specialist, worked as artist agent, Marketing and PR Manager, Project Manager for 8 years from Istanbul with global companies such as Shell, Vodafone, Formula1 and MetGroup. Throughout these years she continued painting. In 2009 she moved to Iznik to work as visiting artist with Turgut and Şebnem Tuna in their ceramic workshop.

She received her Ph.D from Yeditepe University, Anthropology Department. The dissertation is titled as The Rhetoric of Online Motherhood in Turkey where Instamoms in Turkey were discussed. She adopted Netnography as method and she had Robert V. Kozinets, the creator of the method, in her defense committee.

Her research interests are rhetoric, netnography, gender studies, social media, performance anthropology, representation, propagandistic efforts in arts, Achaemenid art and archaeology.

Burcu Asena-Salman is married with 2 children.


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