General Information

Institutional Information: Faculty Of Econ. And Administ. Sciences, Dep. Of Political Science Intern. Rel.
Research Areas: International Relations

Names in Publications: LÜLECI SULA Ç., LÜLECI SULA Çağla




Open Access

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Çağla Lüleci Sula is an Assistant Professor of International Relations at TED University Department of Political Science and International Relations. Her main research interests intersect at politics and theories of security, Euro/Western-centrism in IR and security studies, and foreign policy. She has published on the links between security and foreign policy, security and border politics, and theories of IR.

Dr. Lüleci-Sula was previously a Fulbright researcher at Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Center for International Studies. She holds degrees from Bilkent University (PhD, International Relations), Dokuz Eylül University (MA, International Relations), and Ege University (BA, International Relations).

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