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Institutional Information: Faculty Of Econ. And Administ. Sciences, Department Of Business Administration
Research Areas: Social Sciences and Humanities

Names in Publications: Armutlu Can, Armutlu C.



UN Sustainable Development Goals


Can Armutlu is a graduate of TED Ankara College Private High School. She received her BS degree in Economics from Gazi University and MBA degree from Baskent University. She completed her PhD in Business Administration at Gazi University in 2008. She worked as a research assistant during her studies at Gazi University. She joined Baskent University, Faculty of Commercial Sciences in 2009. Between the years 2009-2013 she worked as an assistant professor at Baskent University and taught marketing management and introduction to business courses. She joined TED University in 2015 as a part time instructor, since September 2017 she is giving marketing lectures as a full time instructor. Her research interests are consumer behavior, symbolic nature of consumption, self-concept, and research methodology in marketing.


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