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Institutional Information: Faculty Of Econ. And Administ. Sciences, Department Of Business Administration
Research Areas: Civil Law

Names in Publications: Akipek Şebnem, Akipek Öcal Ş., Akipek Öcal Şebnem, Akipek Ş.






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I received a bachelor's degree from Ankara University Faculty of Law at the head of my class among more than 2000 students, a master's degree (LL.M) from the University of London, London School of Economics and Political Science, and a PhD from Ankara University Institute of Social Sciences.

I started my academic life at Ankara University Faculty of Law. Later, I served as Assistant Professor, Associate Professor and Professor at the same Faculty, as the Director of Ankara University Vocational School of Justice, Legal Counsel at Middle East Technical University, Dean of Law Faculty at Kadir Has University, and Vice Rector at TED University. Currently I am working at TED University as a lecturer in Civil Law at the Department of Business Administration.

I have taught undergraduate and graduate courses in Civil Law, Law of Obligations, Consumer Law, Real Estate Law, Banking Law, Energy Law, Health Law, and has various researches. I have written several books and articles and also have given speeches in various symposiums, conferences and panels.