Drawing Orders: Lines with/out Bodies

Türkay Coşkun S.

Grid - architecture, planning and design journal (Online), vol.3, no.1, pp.51-73, 2020 (Peer-Reviewed Journal)


An investigation of architectural drawing offers a textual analysis of architecture and a critical perspective to discuss the architectural qualities established with(in) the drawing. Historically, drawing becomes prevalent as a disciplinary tool for architectural practice and research as long as it is limitations are acknowledged and challenged. This paper recognizes fluctuating dispositions architectural paradigm from drawing to withdrawing Orders. It traces the displacement of drawings constructed by lines with bodies with the drawings of lines without bodies to illustrate these dispositions. The study constructs a critical reading of the shifting meanings of “order” based on theoretical and practical approaches to drawing. The drawings are used not merely as visual representations of architecture but rather as texts to provide a reading of lines as tools of constructing and destructing orders in architecture. By drawing(s), how lines with/out bodies conceptualized order for different architectures and significantly determined their historiographies become visible.