Understanding the Value of Play: Recasting Playful Learning by Early Childhood Teachers

Buldu E.

Open Journal for Educational Research, vol.6, no.1, pp.57-68, 2022


The purpose of the study was to explore Turkish preschool teachers’ views and implementation of play and playful learning in their own classrooms. Through semi-structured interview questions, the participating teachers’ perspectives were investigated using a phenomenological research approach. A thematic data analysis approach was used to examine the gathered information. The current study’s findings revealed that participating teachers have diverse perspectives on the relationship between play and learning. While many of them highlighted the significance of play for children’s learning and development, only a few of them suggested how they can give a learning opportunity through play. They also noted that arranging the environment to learn through play was challenging for them. The findings emphasized the importance of changing teachers’ stereotypical views of learning and realizing the benefits of playful learning for all children. As a result, the study’s findings indicated the need for new government regulations and teacher training programs to assist teachers’ knowledge and practice in offering playful learning.