Application of mesh reinforced mortar for performance enhancement of hollow clay tile infill walls

Ezzatfar P., Binici B., Kurç Ö., Canbay E., Sucuoğlu H., Özcebe G.



The use of mesh reinforcement with mortar on existing brick infill walls of reinforced concrete (RC) frames is a recommended seismic strengthening procedure in the Turkish Seismic Code (2007). The premise of the method lies in its ease of application and success in eliminating the out-of-plane failure of existing infill walls. The performance of the mesh reinforced mortar (MRM) application was investigated by pseudo-dynamic (PsD) and cyclic testing. A three-story-three-bay 1:2 scale RC frame with hollow clay tile (HCT) infills in the middle bay was first tested using a continuous pseudo-dynamic test method for three synthetic ground motions compatible with the Düzce city center response spectrum. The test specimen was code complaint. No significant structural damage besides some cracking in the boundary columns was observed but the infill walls almost collapsed. After removing the infill walls of the central bay, a new HCT wall strengthened with MRM was built and the rehabilitated frame was retested under a second series of PsD and reversed cyclic loading schemes. This Chapter reports the findings of the experimental study by placing special emphasis on the seismic response of the code compliant test frame.