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Ersan Ocak graduated from City and Regional Planning Department/METU (B.Sc.) in 1993. He got his masters degree from Urban Policy Planning/METU; Ph.D. in Social Sciences/Bilkent University. He worked as research assistant in METU-GİSAM (Audio-Visual Research & Production Center) and as instructor in Başkent University, Radio-TV-Cinema Department. He was one of the founding members of Media & Cultural Studies Graduate Program in METU and gave visual culture and documentary courses in this gradute program. He worked as Assistant Professor in Bilkent Univerty, Communication & Design Department and established NewMedia_OpenLab.

Ersan Ocak has given courses on urbanism, (visual) cultural studies, cinema, documentary, i-docs, filmmaking, new media at undergradute and graduate levels. He has publications on urbanism, urban poverty, oral history, memory, documentary cinema, interactive documentary, new media storytelling. His recent research interests are "essay film" and "new mediaa documentary." Ersan Ocak is also a filmmaker who produces experimenatal video works; makes documentary films; and develops video perfromances and realizes video installations.

Assistant Professor Ersan Ocak joined to TED University, Faculty of Architecture in August 2017. He gave undergraduate courses in City and Regional Planning Department and gradute courses in Architecture and Urban Studies Master Program. In 2021, he founded Visual Communication Design Department. He serves as the founding chair person and gives design courses in this department.


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