General Information

Institutional Information: , Department Of Elementary Education, Primary Education
Research Areas: Test and Measurement in Education, Teacher Training For Primary School, Teacher Training For Elementary Sch. Edu. in Mathematics, Teacher Training in Science and Math. at Primary Sch. Level, Teacher Training





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Dr. Kübra Çelikdemir graduated from the Middle East Technical University Primary Education (Mathematics Education) doctorate program in 2018. In her doctoral thesis, she analyzed preservice mathematics teachers' noticing skills and professional identities through the video case-based community.

Dr. Çelikdemir has a bachelor's degree from the Department of Elementary Mathematics Education and a master's degree from the Secondary Education Science and Mathematics Education at Middle East Technical University. During her graduate studies, she focused on international assessment and comparative mathematics education.

Working Experience

Dr. Çelikdemir has been working in TEDU Department of Basic Education Classroom Teaching program since February 2021. She works as an Instructor.

Starting his career as an Educational Designer in an education company located in METU Technopolis, Dr. Çelikdemir worked as a research assistant at METU and Gazi University during his doctoral education. In this process, she took part in many national and international projects as a scholar and researcher. Between 2018-2021, she worked as an Education Specialist at the Turkish Education Association think tank TEDMEM.

Research Interests

Mathematics education, teacher education, alternative assessment approaches in primary school, international exams (PISA & TIMSS) and the Turkish education system are among her research areas.