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Olcay Yilmaz was born in 1975 in İstanbul. He was graduated from Turkish Land Forces School’s System Administration Sciences faculty with bachelor degree. Having his master’s degree in Psychological Counseling and Guidence in Hacettepe University he completed his doctoral education in the same faculty of the same university. He has served in various positions in Turkish land forces between 1997-2012 and participated in the research about elite athlete grow-up projects in Turkish Ministry of Sports as psychological counselor between 2013 and 2015. He worked as a career counsellor in Hacettepe University Career Development Research and Application Center between 2015-2017. Since then he has been an assistant professor and vice-dean at Ufuk University’s Education Department and giving various psychological counseling lectures such as; vocational counseling and guidance theories&practice, psychological testing, scientific research methodology and psychological counseling theories. He is a member of Turkish Counseling and Guidance Association and the Network for Innovation in Career Guidance and Counselling in Europe (NICE). In addition to his sports psychology practices, he has researches on career counseling focused on personnel selection process and personality traits, scale development, cultural adaptation of psychological tests.


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