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Institutional Information: Faculty Of Education, Department Of Educational Sciences, Guidance And Psychological Counselling
Research Areas: Social Sciences and Humanities, Educational Sciences, Guidance and Psychologicial Counseling

Names in Publications: ÖZGÜLÜK ÜÇOK Sıdıka Burcu, ÜÇOK S. B., ÖZGÜLÜK S.B., Özgülük Üçok S. Burcu, Burcu Özgülük S., Özgülük Burcu




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Assist. Prof. Dr. S. Burcu Özgülük Üçok has graduated from Bosphorus University, from the double major program of Preschool Education and Guidance and Psychological Counseling. Afterwards, she took her masters and PhD degrees from the Department of Educational Sciences, Psychological Counseling and Guidance program, METU. In her master’s thesis, she studied Response Styles Theory and investigated the relationship of response styles and problem solving to the depressive symptoms of preadolescents. In her PhD dissertation, she examined the mediating roles of relationship satisfaction and satisfaction with dual-career lifestyle in the association between investments and commitment. After having her master’s degree, she worked as a preschool teacher for two years at Robert College Child Study Center and she leaded guidance and psychological activities there. Afterwards, she worked as a school counselor for 4 more years at prominent private schools in Istanbul and she started to work as a psychotherapist, as well. She has been working as an assistant professor in the Department of Educational Sciences, Psychological Counseling and Guidance Program, at TEDU University since February, 2021. Her research areas are rumination/ distraction, anger management, close relationships- child-parent relations, satisfaction, investments, and commitment in relationships, financial behaviors of families, dual-career marriages, we-ness, dyadic coping, gender identity and sexual orientation, psychological symptoms and well-being, and the education of psychological counselors. She has been conducting national and international/ cross-cultural scientific research in these areas. She has been teaching undergraduate courses and at the same time having sessions with her clients.


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